Expert communication B2B and B2C

We research and evaluate scientific publications and identify the topics that are relevant to our clients and their target groups. Our evidence-based storytelling combines complex, scientific content with brand-strategic goals. And weWe do this along the customer journey with the appropriate formats in each case. So that Hence specialist expert communication not only creates knowledge, but also wins customers.


Research and evaluation
of scientific publications

of relevant topics and media

of evidence-based stories

Strategic communication
in different content formats and with journalistic expertise

Sales support / creative campaigns

From "door openers" to choreographed campaigns, we support sales in marketing complex products and services. We combine scientific backgrounds and sales arguments into a stringent story. In doing so, we bundle digital appearances, classic folders, advertisements, videos and apps into an attention-grabbing campaign with maximum reach. At the same time, we prepare the sales team for a successful sales process with training, e-learning and argumentation guides.


Channel and target group specific sales campaigns

Strategic consulting and communication along the entire launch process

Development of the creative consistent Idea for a successful brand management

Efficient sales support with accompanying materials and review processes

Online portals
Science /Applied Science; Physicians / Patients

We are experienced journalists, designers and magazine makers. That's why we know which concepts and contents really reach our customers' target groups. Our web portals for experts score with relevant, current topics and fresh ideas.


Strategic conception and implementation of high-reach web portals, e.g. for HCP, infection prevention specialists , patients, medical device users

Research and identification of relevant, current topics

Development of editorial structures

Versatile content formats: Online portals, advertorials, podcasts, technical articles, press events, e-learnings, apps, videos

Strategic communication consulting

With critical analysis and a customer-centric mindset, we uncover new potential - for corporate positioning based on facts, credibility and consistent customer experience. To achieve this, we develop consistent communication strategies that position our clients as thought leaders in their market.


Establishment of a customer- centered mindset

Critical analysis of the status quo and identification of potentials

Strategic occupation of topics - building thought-leadership positioning

Development of strategic communication plans for different channels and target groups

Design and creation

Business as unusual: With new, emotional design concepts, many years of experience and technical know-how, we develop visual brand identities that inspire your target groups. Care and high quality standards create holistic and sustainable brand designs from the corporate brand to print, web and app design to packaging.


Brand Creation
Visual brand experiences along the customer journey and relevant touchpoints.

Corporate Branding
Building, developing and visually managing corporate brands, from thought leadership to employer branding.

Integrated visual communication concepts from the Big/Long Idea to the POS.

We think along and ahead