Online information campaign on multi-resistant pathogens

Techniker Health Insurance, Hamburg

Online patient information campaign

Strategic consulting, conception and implementation of an online information campaign with evidence-based content

Health education, patient safety

Customer benefits

Strengthening the image of TK as a health partner in all matters. Continuation of the fund's participatory approach: insured persons should not only be informed, but actively involved.

„The SCICOM agency combines excellent medical expertise with a wealth of communications experience. Through this combination, the target groups not only receive information, but valuable knowledge.“

Hardy Müller
TK Patient Safety Officer, Care Management

Multi-resistant pathogens (MRE) are an increasing problem for patient safety. With its communication campaign on the topic "What to do about MRE?", Techniker Krankenkasse wants to raise awareness of the problem and strengthen the ability of its insured to act.

SCICOM developed an integrated campaign for the approximately 10.6 million TK policyholders with a wide range of topics and target group-specific marketing measures. The information campaign is based on current expert standards and the identification of those everyday situations in which people come into contact with pathogens, can pass them on or fall ill with them.

The campaign was implemented together with the internal TK agency as a multimedia microsite on the website of the Techniker Krankenkasse, including animated graphics, an explanatory film, expert interviews, articles on the main topics, self-tests and instructions for action as well as practical everyday tips for preventing infections.

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