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Dr. Schumacher GmbH, Malsfeld

Technical communication on the Corona pandemic

Concept and implementation of a scientific online portal on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infection prevention, patient safety

Customer benefits

Strengthening trust in the brand, perception of Dr. Schumacher as a know-how facilitator, advisor and partner who delivers high-quality content and support to its clients when and where they need it most.

„SCICOM manages to put the wishes, feelings and expectations of our demanding target groups right at the centre of a customer experience strategy. In doing so, the agency not only uses its communication expertise and comprehensive specialist knowledge. It creates authentic thematic worlds that offer our target groups real information and guidance. This develops valuable and long-term customer relationships for our company. Trust in our brand and loyalty are thus strengthened in the long term“.

Dr. Klaus Ruhnau
Managing Director, Dr. Schumacher GmbH, Malsfeld

Hygiene in a state of emergency: The pandemic is also an enormous burden for hygiene managers. Dr. Schumacher GmbH, a leading manufacturer of disinfection and hygiene products, was looking for a format that would provide hygiene managers and healthcare professionals with professional and practical support in their efforts to combat COVID-19.

With the information portal "Hygiene in times of Corona", SCICOM developed an online platform that accompanies professionals in healthcare facilities from the 1st Corona wave to the "new normal". The website won the M&K Award from the jury of the magazine „Management & Krankenhaus“.

The microsite convinces the target groups with evidence-based information, such as interviews, checklists, explanatory films, study abstracts, an audio BLOG and infographics.

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