Creative concepts – specialised expertise

For more than 20 years:

We communicate evidence-based and ensure high quality and credibility

We surprise our clients with creative campaigns and authentic thematic worlds

We empathise with the wishes and needs of our target groups and create valuable customer relationships

We identify potentials and stories that uniquely position our clients in the market

We advise on all questions of professional communication on the basis of well-founded knowledge of brands, industries and target groups

We constantly provide new impulses for the right communication strategy

Sabine Niknam
Managing Partner,
Communications Expert

to the career
  • Studied German language and literature, philosophy and educational science in Hamburg.
  • Parallel: Several years of nursing work at the University Hospital Hamburg (recovery room, OR, ward).
  • Classic PR training in an agency in Hamburg (healthcare, technology). Management positions in agency-internal profit centers.
  • Journalistic work in trade and general publications (healthcare, design, business).
  • 2000 Founded SCICOM - Scientific Communication, a communications agency specializing in complex topics and science communication.

What we stand for

Evidence-based storytelling: Developing great stories from scientific findings that touch clients and their target groups in equal measure.

Consistent client perspective: The agency is the advocate for the target groups. Because even more important than the clients themselves are their clients (the bait must be...) Passion and talent to tell brands and their storiesthe stories of brands in a constantly new and exciting way.

What we do not do does not work with us

Unloving catchphrases such as "...rethink" - especially when „old wine is presented in new bottles“.

Campaigns with database images where hands form hearts.

Lack of commitment from the agency or client, because then appreciation is then missing.

Areas of expertise

Communication consultation

Advising companies and organisations on all aspects of communication, with a particular focus on socially relevant issues and trends.

Sales-effective campaigns

We offer value creation and knowledge enhancement by combining complex, scientific content with creative ideas and brand strategy tasks to create successful campaigns.

Establishing and expanding market leadership

By selecting, developing and communicating strategic thematic areas, we create unique selling points and ensure our clients are positioned at the forefront of their industry.

„With a high level of professional competence combined with strategic vision and a wealth of experience in target group-oriented communication, SCICOM creates sustainable value for the company.“

Dr. Henning Mallwitz
Director Research & Development
BODE Chemie GmbH/a company of the HARTMANN Group

„The SCICOM agency combines excellent medical expertise with a wealth of communications experience. Through this combination, the target groups not only receive information, but valuable knowledge.“

Hardy Müller
TK Patient Safety Officer
Care Management

„SCICOM manages to put the wishes, feelings and expectations of our demanding target groups right at the centre of a customer experience strategy. In doing so, the agency not only uses its communication expertise and comprehensive specialist knowledge. It creates authentic thematic worlds that offer our target groups real information and guidance. This develops valuable and long-term customer relationships for our company. Trust in our brand and loyalty are thus strengthened in the long term.“

Dr. Klaus Ruhnau
Managing Director
Dr. Schumacher GmbH, Malsfeld

„Relevant content, a flair for stories and journalistic know-how combined with absolute adherence to deadlines and diligence in handling - that's what makes SCICOM a media partner we've enjoyed working with again and again for many years."“

Ulrike Hoffrichter
Editor-in-Chief Management & Hospital

„Communication meets hygiene: SCICOM combines these two areas in an unparalleled way. The decisive factor for me is the professional competence in all aspects of hygiene and the broad coverage of all facets of communication. The results are both innovative and creative. It simply makes all the difference that Ms Niknam has deep and sound expertise in all hygiene-related areas and maintains excellent and long-standing contacts with key stakeholders.“

Dr. Njikoha Ebigbo
Head of Marketing Business Unit Clinic,

„SCICOM's courage and creativity in breaking completely new ground with the launch of our skin care products excited me from the very beginning. The agency has a great deal of experience in our market and with our target groups - the prerequisite for ensuring that the great creative ideas actually work. SCICOM finds the right professional approach for all target groups: from buyers to ward managers and users of our products to our sales department.“

Anja Deecke
Market Manager
Dr. Schumacher GmbH, Malsfeld, Germany

„Our exhibition stand was really super - very modern, young and fresh and tailored exactly to the target group. Our marketing materials are coherent, informative and also perfectly aligned with the target groups. Especially the "folding folder"  with the 5 tips for studio customers is very innovative, you certainly won't find anything like it at with any of our competitors. The promo pack for studio owners is at least as innovative and unique, and its presentation was 100% in keeping with the trade fair theme of "sustainability".“

Uschi Wichmann
Head of Sales Team South/Team East
D&H Brand National
Dr. Schumacher GmbH

„Thank you very much for the great whitepaper on Clostridioides difficile - a very nice piece.“

Regine Oehler
Marketing Communication
Head of Corporate Communications & Events
MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

We think along and ahead